Integrity Audio Systems, Inc.
Audio Visual and Sound System Design
Integrity Audio Systems, Inc. has been providing Sound, Audio Visual and Acoustics solutions since 1996. Our goal is to provide the best value design, installation, services, and solutions available. We provide integrated audio/video and sound systems for house of worship, commercial, industrial, government facilities, schools, and more. We work in concert with the representatives of the leading product manufacturers and engineers to provide you with the optimum system and service.  We design and install audio systems for a broad range of applications, from churches, to schools, to courtrooms, business presentation facilities, and outdoor venues. We represent the leading manufacturers who offer a wide price range of quality Audio Visual and Sound equipment.  This enables us to meet your budget requirements and offer long term, reliable performance and satisfaction.

We design and install a variety of video solutions for houses of worship and live presentation facilities. Systems and solutions include video displays, projectors, projection screen systems, and closed circuit television distribution systems. We also design and provide custom acoustics systems. No matter how artfully an audio system is selected and installed, the quality and clarity of an audio system will be limited by the acoustic characteristics of the room it is in. By using computer analysis of recorded samples of the acoustics of your venue, we can tailor acoustic solutions for your facility. We offer a number of specialized acoustical products for optimizing the “acoustical environment." 

After the installation, every effort is made to provide the support services necessary for the ultimate in personal assurance. We can also support the changes in technology as worship trends and presentation technologies evolve.

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